2.256 walk, futzing

Saturday 08/21/2021

As planned I went down to the southern entrance to the baylands and walked a mile in and back. Lots of pelicans. I had texted Dennis last night but he had to take his car for service so couldn’t join me.

Back at the apartment I continued some experiments with painting the Chrysler model. Learned a bit, in particular I learned that I absolutely must put on a primer coat or the color won’t stick well. I had nice layer of red on my test piece but when I tried using my skinny masking tape on it, up it came. Also learned that I need better masking tape. The Tamiya 5mm (1/5th inch) tape, although made for modeling, does not curve or conform as well as I would like. Ordered some 1/16th inch pin-striping tape.

There was a movie today which I didn’t watch, Marshall, about the early career of the Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall. At dinner I was talking to Helene and Ilse about racism. One grew up on the south side of Chicago, one in Tennessee, so they had seen racism. Helene commented that in her part of town there was one exclusive suburb where you couldn’t buy in if you were jewish, which her family was.

Meanwhile I grew up in white-bread rural Washington. There was nobody of color at Bethel, as of the 1960 Annual (which I just checked; all white faces in all four classes). However I recalled for them how there was, for one year only, I think my sophomore year, a girl from India. I remember her as very attractive, as Indian woman often are, with the big dark eyes and hair. I also remember thinking I would ask her out, and my mother talking me out of it. Or did she turn me down, and Cecil thought that was good and I shouldn’t pursue it?

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