2.227 yosemite, pic

Thursday 07/22/2021

Did the aerobics class, then hustled to get in the car and get to CHM Yosemite before 10am. We didn’t do much today. Well, we completed the search for the Ferranti plug-board. I first mentioned this a year and a half ago, Day 1.045, January 2020. The Science Museum in London had loaned a piece of an early computer and wanted it back. We’d no record of it, but instituted a search that involved opening every box of a certain size and looking. The search was interrupted by the pandemic with only one aisle to complete and today it was completed. No plug-board. So what does a museum do, when it has officially lost an artifact on loan from another museum? I don’t know.

The following is a picture I took yesterday, when I went to the Club Fox, which is on Courthouse Square in Redwood City. I went early and ate supper at a restaurant with outdoor seating, and from my table I was looking up past some succulents in a planter, at the old courthouse (now a museum).

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