2.209 fourth


Being Sunday, I watered the plants and did the NYT crossword. Then I walked the 1.5 miles to California Ave, meaning to reward myself with something from the Midwife and the Baker stand at the farmers market, but unfortunately, they have apparently killed that market in favor of filling up the roadway with more restaurant seating. So I took a Lyft back.

Spent a few hours working on hobby projects. At 4:30, I went down to Dennis’s place in SJ and had a good supper and pleasant chatting. Left there in time to get back to CH by 7:20, and set up the A/V for the evening’s party. Which was quite nice. Well organized and fun. At 9pm we adjourned to look at at the fireworks to be seen around the horizon, in about a normal quantity for a 4th.

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