2.201 sleepy saturday

Saturday 06/26/2021

Went out in the morning and over-bought at the farmers market: dried apricots, cherries, two kinds of pastries. By the time I’d eaten one and half the other pastry, I didn’t need lunch, so skipped it.

Wrote a program: a Python program to read a Python program with interspersed text, and write a new file that is in Markdown text with interspersed code blocks. Nice that I can still write code that works. This worked after I fixed a couple of typos.

Mid-afternoon I told myself to get the bleep out of the house, and went for a walk. Went down for supper at 5:30.

Continued reading War for the Oaks, one of maybe six partly-read books on my Kindle. It’s a fantasy that involves a musician getting mixed up with the Faerie kingdoms that are warring over control of … Minneapolis. Not the greatest; it has a lot of dialog that goes nowhere, just bickering. But I am just interested enough to keep reading.

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