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Wednesday 06/23/2021

Woke up feeling positively good, and with a temp of 97.2. Yay. (Felt healthy all day, but by evening was up to 99.0. Still, good.) Went for the standard walk and felt good.

Tidied my desk of a couple of things. Did I say that I had a call yesterday from VIA benefits, wanting to have me fill out yet another form for direct deposit, because clearly the last one had the wrong numbers. The person was unable to acknowledge that reason R15 “account holder deceased” — which they couldn’t see on their computer — had to mean that (a) the account number was correct, or else it would have said something like “unknown account”, and the routing number had to be correct or they wouldn’t have reached my bank at all. Nope, has to be my error, can I send you another form? We discussed how to escalate this. She said it could only be escalated if I first “talked to my bank”. About what? Just to make sure everything is right. Then I can call back and the customer service person can escalate.

Yeah, I bet they will jump to do that. OK, though, I have some info printed out; I will take it to the bank and see if they have any logs that show when and with what parameters, VIA attempted the transfer. If they do, I may call VIA back.

Then I did the necessary reading of other people’s writing for the critiquing group that meets Friday.

At noon I was invited to lunch with George and Mickie. That was ok. I went for a second walk, then had a nap.

At 4pm Stanford baseball attempted to stay in the College World Series, and failed. They lost the game in the bottom of the ninth, in a very unusual way: their best pitcher let the go-ahead run for Vanderbilt get to third, and threw a wild pitch allowing it to score. Game over on a wild pitch.

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