2.196 baseball, meeting

Monday 06/21/2021

Went for the standard walk and felt fine. At 11am I got a call from neighbor Jean, on the 11th floor, wondering if I was going to put the Stanford game on the big TV. I’m the only person in the whole place who knows how to get ESPNU via the ROKU. Yes, I’ll be right up.

Stanford rediscovered their offense and defeated Arizona by a bunch, 14-5? Something like that. I watched most of it in my room. On Wednesday they play Vanderbilt, a must-win game against a powerful team.

At 3pm the RA Exec Committee met to discuss the directions we want to give to the group that want to study medical resources at CH. Well, mainly the group wants to lobby for an in-house nurse-practitioner but we are going to make them actually produce a report.

That was about it. Tomorrow is a full day.

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