2.183 FOPAL, big news, meeting

Tuesday 06/08/2021

Did the aerobics class at 8:30 on the 11th floor. Worked a bit on Pelajis. After lunch I went to FOPAL where some retired engineer had donated his library, and most of it ended up in boxes for the Computer section. Maybe a fifth of it I rerouted to the Sci/Technology section because they were books on pure engineering topics, electrical (designing switching circuits) or mechanical. Most of the rest were just pristine copies of 15-25 year old computer science texts. A few of those are classics, whose topics don’t change (much) with changing software versions. A book on data compression, for example; the algorithms for that were worked out in the 80s and haven’t changed. But most of them were on topics where there have been major revisions in the software since the books were published. These books, hardbacks in lovely condition, are going to be recycled.

At 4pm was a special zoom meeting with CEO Rhonda. It having been announced only yesterday, there were only maybe 50 participants. Here’s the news.

Several years ago, all units on the second floor were remodeled completely, as part of building the separate nursing facility. That space had been for nursing, then it was made into 14 nice 1- and 2-bedroom apartments.

The HVAC system for these, specifically the cooling, requires plumbing for chilled coolant to come into the ceiling of each unit and be split across three distributor units in the ceilings. The plumbing is complex because it’s a full circuit, cold liquid out, warmed comes back to the chiller. All the connections in this plumbing was made with crimped connectors.

Early on the crimped connectors showed a tendency to leak, so when the full upgrade started from the 10th floor down, the architect spec’d brazed connectors. But now the leaks on the 2nd floor are getting very troublesome. The coolant leaks into the ceilings and stains them, and has to be replenished, and other issues.

So Channing House is going to spend the money to fix this problem now. Fortunately when people who have been displaced by the just-ending upgrade of 3 and 4 move back, that will open up enough units for the 2nd floor people to “go camping” as we say. The original contractor has accepted responsibility for the crimped connectors and will eat the cost of replacing them. There will be some costs they don’t eat, the move-out and move-back costs for a start. But bottom line, the upgrade process that started on the 10th floor 3 years ago, and which was going to be finished in August, will now run into December.

After that meeting by zoom, we had our 6th Floor meeting IN PERSON UNMASKED in our lounge. How nice that was.

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