2.129 oh dear

Thursday 04/16/2021

Oh dear, I finally did it — went to bed without doing a blog entry.

A day lost forever to posterior.

Friends of the library in the afternoon.

Also, this was the day when at 9:45pm I took my BP and it was 177/50. What. The. Fuck? I said, and to confirm it wasn’t the device, I went downstairs to the nurse station and had the young man who was just closing up do it. 185/50, he got. So, good news, my BP monitor is fine. Bad news, I’m gonna have a stroke and die.

This was outrageously out of line with the numbers I have been getting (preceding were, and I copy/paste, 133 124 151 120 132 147 129 128

So I went to bed worrying and forgot the blog. Today back to normal including just now a low of 113.

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