2.121 many meetings

Wednesday 04/07/2021

The 121st day of the blog year. That would be 1/3 of a year gone, think about that.

After my walk I went to the new coffee service on the 11th floor. Neighbor Margaret was there, and accosted me with distress because she is trying to get ready for a trip to Hawaii and the Hawaiian travel requirements are baffling her. Well, it isn’t simple and she isn’t losing her brain cells. She just isn’t as proficient with the phone and the web as the State of Hawaii expects her to be.

She had just been down to a place near the SJ airport to get her COVID test, and she had with difficulty installed the unique app the testing service insisted she have before they could send her a simple goddamn PDF of the results. Couldn’t fucking email it, oh nooooo, you have to get our app and then you can work your way through three levels of menu to see the one-page PDF of results, and use our proprietary interface to move it with Airdrop to your Mac.

I know this is the case because I helped Margaret get through it. Then to the State of Hawaii web page and go through their proprietary interface to upload the PDF to your account page. She went away to print all the documents and forms so she will have paper copies at the airport because who knows.

Around lunch it was my time to use the laundry so I ran my usual two loads, with the result I was two minutes late to the Resident Association Executive Committee meeting, which was a physical meeting with 8 people sitting around 6 feet apart in the 8th floor lounge. Everyone agreed it was way better than Zoom.

At the meeting we heard some pretty amazing news from Rhonda about the plans to open the dining room on the 21st. I won’t put them here because they are confidential until Friday. But big changes for sure.

That ran long and I missed the first ten minutes of Margaret’s talk on the anatomy of the pelvis, a quite entertaining presentation with diagrams of all the stuff “in a sack in a bony basket” as she explained, and all the things that can go wrong with them. Her panic over the air travel was partly because she was also nervous about this scheduled talk. Now that has come and gone, she will probably be all right.

I have another neighbor with computer issues who requested we meet on Friday. I am going to have to start saying “no, put in a call to the tech squad” pretty soon.

That brought us to 4:45 and the monthly 6th floor meeting, still conducted by Zoom. The only news from there was that three of my neighbors have formed a committee to get our lounge redone. When we moved back in after the upgrade, when was that, January 2020! we were told we had access to a sum of money to spend how we liked on upgrading the common lounge. Then the pandemic happened and that has been pending, but now the effort to choose new furniture etc. has resumed, and I am delighted I am not asked to be on said committee.

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