2.116 tech, craft, SWBB

Friday 04/02/2021

Went for the usual walk. Then met Margaret one more time at the coffee bar to go over Mac problems. One was, she had the issue, which is apparently fairly common, that iTunes (or iCloud) repeatedly prompts for your Apple ID. If you enter it, or if you click Cancel, doesn’t matter, it comes right back again. I googled it and found several websites that had the solution, which is to sign out from iCloud, reboot, and sign in to iCloud again. They didn’t say, when you try that, iCloud has all sorts of things it wants you to do first. I got through that and did some of the things and canceled others (you don’t need to download 8000 photos from iCloud to this machine, etc.) and the problem was gone (ominous foreshadowing).

Middle of the day, I started to craft a paper pattern for the cloth front I want to put on my spray booth. Interrupted in that by a call from Margaret. Her signatures had disappeared from Mail. I don’t use Mail so hadn’t realized it lets you store little boilerplate things to put at the end of your emails, and her little boilerplates were gone. Undoubtedly because of the way I had signed out of iCloud abruptly.

But now it was time for the national semifinal game between Stanford and South Carolina. As to be expected with a game between two #1 seeds, it was close right to the final 3 seconds, when with Stanford ahead by 1, S. Carolina had the ball, put up a shot which bounced off the rim. Their center caught the rebound perfectly and went to put it back, which would have given the Gamecocks the win by one point. Unfortunately she put the ball up too hard and it bounced off the back of the rim. Buzzer. Stanford wins. Big girl kneels down on the court in tears.

In the second semifinal, Arizona, a three seed that Stanford beat twice in the regular season, soundly defeated UConn, leading every minute of the game, sometimes by 14, and holding on in the final minute.

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