2.109 jog, tech, meeting

Friday 03/26/2021

First thing I went for my usual MWF walk, except this time, for the first time since October, I wore my sneakers. Not shorts, but the running shoes, and for two quarter-mile stretches of the walk, I jogged. And I felt fine. Better than I did on Monday or Wednesday as a matter of fact.

This might indicate my metabolism has shifted gears fully into ketosis. It definitely indicates that I’m adapting to a diet of Keto Chow shakes, with sides of protein-rich stuff like sausage, boiled eggs, roasted cashews, safeway chicken and canned tuna. Also peanut butter. Although when I googled “peanut butter keto diet” I was advised that most commercial PBs have a couple grams of added sugars (OMG carbs!) per serving. PB is compatible with a keto diet when it is only PB, and the “calories from carbohydrates” on the label are mostly “dietary fiber” and no “added sugars”.

Unfortunately my blood pressure, the factor this diet shift might, hopefully, address, hasn’t changed, at least not significantly. But I turned in next week’s menu with “no thanks” all over it, so I’m committed for another week at least.

I was back just in time to join Dr. Margaret on the 11th floor coffee serving. She is preparing to give a zoom talk on the pelvis (she gave another talk a few weeks back) and was having trouble working out how to collect clip art from the network and assemble it into a document. So we spent an hour doing that.

After lunch and a nap I decided to stroll the half-mile to Whole Foods and buy a jar of natural PB-that-consists-only-of-peanuts. That brought my mileage for the day to 4.2. And now I know why Skippy and Jif add those grams of sugar to their products. Because they taste a whole lot better that way.

At the weekly 4pm meeting, all the news was basically good: reduced restrictions on visitors, promises that in a few days the pool will open, and so on.

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