2.095 BP, model, meeting

Friday 03/12/2021

Started the day by going for the walk, which felt quite good. Any day now I am going to go out in shorts and try jogging sections of it again. (I haven’t since the Dissection at the end of September.)

Or maybe not. My BP has been annoyingly high, and trending up. Out of frustration I bought yet another BP monitor, this one a Welch-Allen semi-pro one rather than the Omron which is the usual consumer BP monitor. Nope, it reads the same as the old one within a couple of points. I will track it closely for another few days and then maybe talk to the doctor.

I worked a bit on the MG, assembling the windscreen and putting yet another coat of clear on the bonnet. The bonnet was looking great few days ago. Then while attaching the hinges and the side panels, somehow I applied some pressure and the clear coat took on the texture of the cutting board I was working on. After this model I won’t be using Tamiya paints, or at least, Tamiya clear. Even after a week of drying it is soft enough to take on fingerprints or other texture, which totally fucks it up so you can only sand it and respray it.

At Rhonda’s weekly 4pm meeting we learned of more eased restrictions. We can now be up to 4 in the elevator (up from 2, which was up from only 1 per car just a couple of weeks back). And the use of masks when meeting with other vaccinated people indoors is now optional.

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