2.085 meeting, glasses

Tuesday 03/02/2021

Did the aerobics. Then had to hustle to make a 9:30 meeting with Marcia and Kim The HR. Subject? Is it time to wrap up the volunteer meal delivery service? We’ve had a few people question the need for it, and it is getting harder to get the sign-up sheet filled for the week. A group of maybe 20 people really enjoy doing it. And, if we end that, do we also end the volunteer package reception task? Those are the two big ones, with sign-up sheets and an attempt at 7-day coverage of a staff task. There are also four (I think?) other, smaller, self-organized volunteer groups: indoor plant watering, outdoor plant maintenance, trash pickup. Being small and self-organized, we can leave it to those volunteers to decide for themselves if they want to quit or not.

Kim agreed to bring the whole subject to the next staff meeting and let us know what Rhonda and James (manages front of house staff) think. On return from the meeting I called Menlo Optical and made an appointment for 4pm.

Spent some time on the tax workbook. I think I can wrap that by Friday. Spent some time on Estate Planning. Sprayed one coat of clear on the bonnet panels. Then it was time for lunch and from there, to FOPAL. I processed several boxes of books, but several remain. Plus I want to follow up a suggestion from Chuck Spalding, who relieved me on the Computer section. His idea was, since we have a glut of books (owing to no sale days in covid times) maybe I should triage the shelves of priced books and pull down any priced below some limit like $5. I want to do that. I think I will go down on Thursday morning.

At Menlo Optical the optician took measurements from my existing frame. I had planned to keep it, and became sure of that when he told me that it wasn’t made any more. Funny story (not), the frame was made by Seiko, and Seiko a few years ago decided not to make and sell frames any more. Just quit the line of business. Recently, he said, a different company has started up a line of exact copies of the Seiko frames, but it’s new and he can’t vouch for their quality yet. Anyway, I should hear my lenses are ready in a week or so.

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