2.068 meeting

Monday 02/08/2021

Took my walk, getting back in plenty of time to get ready for the monthly Residents’ Association meeting. Delivered the treasurer’s report in two sentences. Nothing much of interest.

I happened on two very similar articles, one from Germany and one from Alaska, in which there had been an outbreak of Covid in a rest home immediately after the second vaccine shot, or between the first and second. The good news was identical in both cases: no serious illness, only minor symptoms. It would appear that the two RNA vaccines are extremely effective in preventing serious illness. The bad news was that a number of people could test positive despite having had one or both shots. This makes it pretty clear that (a) with enough exposure you can still get it and (b) very likely, if you get it, you can transmit it. So having the vaccine isn’t a magic passport to freedom. Still need to take precautions, wear the mask, distance, yadda yadda.

Tomorrow is the writer’s group and I haven’t written anything. The prompt this time is a poem by Kay Ryan, entitled Relief:

We know it is close
to something lofty.
Simply getting over being sick
or finding lost property
has in it the leap,
the purge, the quick humility
of witnessing a birth—
how love seeps up
and retakes the earth.
There is a dreamy
wading feeling to your walk
inside the current
of restored riches,
clocks set back,
disasters averted.

Not getting much from that. Don’t think she adds anything to the word “relief” by itself. Guess I won’t write anything.

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