2.063 shopping, meeting

Weddnesday 02/03/2021

Went for the usual walk which felt fine. After a bit of lounging around and tidying up my room, I went to Stanford Shopping Center. All I did there was go into Macy’s and buy a belt to replace the current one. I had shortened this belt back in December, to fit the new waist I got when I lost 10 pounds over the aorta hospital period. But then, being made of a fairly stiff leather, it had started to break at the new hole I was using.

Today I found a similar, reversible belt in the new length (34), and in a more softer, more flexible leather. So that was good.

At 2pm we had the RA Executive Committee meting. Nothing much to report here. The primary discussion was about the plans, by the editors of the monthly resident newsletter, to have a special issue devoted to resident reactions to the plan to take over dining services from Sodexo. We decided it wasn’t awfully wise to have a lot of uninformed comment on a plan that hasn’t been done yet, but it was a matter of press freedom so we couldn’t tell them not to do it.

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