2.051 paint, meeting, SWBB

Friday 02/22/2021

Went for the usual walk in the morning. Mid-morning I had an email saying the clear paint I had ordered had been delivered, so I went down and picked up the box from the foyer. Now maybe I could proceed with doing clear-coat using my airbrush. I moved the airbrush setup from the porch to the bathroom. I couldn’t do that with the spray cans, as the odor was too powerful. Airbrush paints are water-based acrylics.

I prepared a piece of plastic primed with a gray primer. When it had dried, I mixed up the new clear paint with just a bit of acrylic thinner to get the texture right and tried spraying it, and was shocked at what happened in the areas where it was thick.

The paint pulled back as if the primer was waxed, piled up in globs. Above and below the globby area you can see how the first couple of passes laid down ok; it is where on a third pass it got wet. Well, I would expect a wet coat to, at worst, run. Their website says put it on in “light, wet coats”. Ignoring the contradiction of “light” versus “wet”, you can’t work with something that at some critical point, is going to start crawling around like an amoeba. I’ll never let that near anything I care about. Later I realized I had a little drib of gloss clear acrylic from another company, and tried that. It was OK, at least it went down on the same primer and stayed put.

Rhonda’s 4pm weekly zoom meeting had 142 participants at the peak, but no real news. Well, 92% of residents, and 65% of staff, have been vaccinated. She reported that she attended a webinar with a number of other care homes nationwide, and the report there was 35-45% staff vaccinations, so our 65% was pretty good. But don’t expect any relaxation of restrictions soon. Nothing will be relaxed until we get “guidance” from health departments. (So the people who have been predicting we’d be back in the dining room for meals in March are likely wrong.)

At 7pm was a SWBB game. They had lost to Colorado last week, and now faced UCLA as #5 vs. #6. UCLA played them even for the first half, took a small lead at the half. In the third quarter the Bruins pulled ahead by 11 and things didn’t look good. Stanford came back to tie at 63-63 with 3 minutes left, and tied at 66-66 with a minute and a half left. But UCLA played smart, got a 2 point lead in the final seconds, Stanford had to foul and UCLA made their free throws. Loss, 66-70.

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