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Tuesday 01/12/2021

Did the aerobics class. Killed time to 11am for the writers’ group. I hadn’t written anything. The topic was to be either, current political events, or your relation to BLM, whichever. It produced a couple of good memoirs from a couple of members. Prudence, who was from England and visiting the USA as a graduate student in 1964, wrote about hanging out in Selma and other Southern towns. Saw a sign at a gas station, “White Toilet” and was confused, what was special about a toilet painted white? Being warned by a reporter from the NYT that she should leave town because her car had California plates. Margaret wrote about being an innocent military bride following her husband to Charlotte SC and learning what a segregated town was really like.

Next was to help Eva with her brand new Macbook Air. I had boned up on how to do this. The first thing was to get the lovely new machine to connect to our house wi-fi, on the same subnet as her other devices. Then run Migration Assistant on both the old computer and the new one, and get it started on transferring files. That process went on for several hours, from 2pm until almost 9:30. Two reasons: the old Mac was just dog-slow; and second, it turned out there were over 500,000 files to transfer. Eva has had some problems with duplicated photos, to say the least.

In between checking on the progress of the migration down in the floor lounge, I attended the monthly “behind the bench” meeting with Tara Vanderveer. It wasn’t as interesting as the first one. But still, the team, and its support staff, are living on the road and have been for many weeks. Tara answered a question about how they created a “training table” on the road; she agreed it was difficult to nourish athletes properly using DoorDash. But “flexibility is our middle name”. When asked when she knew that a game would be played, she said she never knew until the ball was tipped up. In fact, she said, her sister Heidi’s team had a game canceled at half-time for covid exposure.

Anyway the new Mac was ready at 9:30 and booted up just fine and looked like the old one. Eva went off to play with it.

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