2.026 model, vaccine problems

Monday 12/28/2020

Did the usual walk, focusing on walking briskly and with a straight back. I tend to hunch forward which leads to mid-back pain by the end of the walk. If I concentrate on keeping my core column up and centered on my pelvis, it goes better.

Today was the first day of COVID vaccinations, for the residents on floors below 6. Apparently this was the first such clinic this crew from CVS had run, and they had some type of logistical problem that pushed the timeline back so they didn’t get everybody done. Late in the evening we got word that tomorrow they will be doing floors 4 up, meaning my 6th floor will probably get called well past noon, where we were scheduled first, at 11am, originally.

Did a couple of minor things, then put in about 2 hours working on the TC, trying to get wood grain on the tiny dashboard.

On the right, the decal provided with the kit. Does that look like fine British woodwork? So I found a nice mahogany texture online and printed it scaled down. The dashboard piece has very convenient raised rims around the edge and around the four gauges. So I put the printed image face down on a piece of soft material, and pressed the dashboard hard into it, creating an embossed outline. Then I carved away with X-acto knife and tiny sewing scissors to get the piece shown. That was the second try. I may have one more go at it. Eventually the wood grain paper will be glued to the plastic and gloss clear put over it, and the raised edges get chromed, and dials in the gauges and so on.

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