2.021 bah humbug

Wednesday 12/23/2020

Went for my 3-mile round this morning. I jogged maybe 1/5 of it, two long stretches, which felt fine. When warmer mornings come back, and I can go in shorts and a tee instead of jeans and a hoodie, I will likely be up to jogging the full length.

During the day I worked a bit on the MG. I had been letting it sit pending warmer weather so I can spray the clear coat, but I got to thinking, surely there are other bits I can work on? And there are, the interior bits, the seats, the dash, the door cards.

That was about it; another boring day in Pandemia. Crossword puzzle, sudoku, reading.

I want to say, I am finding this un-Christmas season very relaxing. Soooo glad I don’t have to fiddle with decorations, cards, whatever. Just ignoring the whole thing and it’s great.

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