2.015 walk, drive, vaccine

Thursday 12/17/2020

Did the aerobics class. Veronica is so cute, and she always throws in something different.

Mid-morning I went for a medium walk. After lunch, I was feeling like the Prius must be getting pretty lonely down in the garage. I thought for a while about a destination. I decided to drive over the Dumbarton bridge to Coyote Hills regional park. I knew there was a lengthy boardwalk through the tule reeds, which might be fun. It was a nice drive but when I got out of the car I discovered there was a very chill breeze blowing across them tule reeds. I walked about 500 feet out on the boardwalk and decided this was not fun, so walked back to the car and turned up the heat.

This evening came an email from CH with preliminary information on our COVID vaccine. Our first clinic day will be December 28 or 29, with the second shot in mid-January. Consent forms will be required, and they are available at the front desk now! I was up and out of my chair as soon as I read that, down to check my mail and get the form. I have not the slightest doubt that I want those shots.

Later I got an email from FOPAL outlining the new way it is organized; and realized that hey, when I have had the 2nd shot, I can go back to working at FOPAL. I’ll have no fear of bringing COVID home to Channing House, which is what keeps me away now. That will be a welcome first step on the road to “normal”.

Later still I acted on something I’ve been thinking about for weeks or longer: I revived my Netflix membership and signed up for streaming. There are just too many good shows that I read about and can’t watch. Next: to change my Xfinity sub to drop the HBO channels, from which I’ve gotten no use.

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