1.358 blood, belt

Tuesday 11/24/2020

After the aerobics class I killed a bit of time and then left for a PAMF office in Sunnyvale. Pre-pandemic, if your doctor had ordered blood tests, you just picked a time and waltzed off to the downtown Palo Alto office, or (in our case preferably) the smaller Los Altos office, off El Camino just south of San Antonio.

No more. Now you make an appointment for your lab work, and despite my entering my zip code insistently, the only choices it gave me were the Sunnyvale office, 9 miles away, or San Jose, 20 miles. So I had opted for Sunnyvale and off I went.

I was standing in line waiting to check in and I hear the receptionists asking people “Are you fasting?” Oh hell. I bet one of the tests requires fasting. I debate whether to lie or not. I tell the truth, so only two of the three ordered tests can be done. The one that requires fasting is the blood lipids one and I really don’t give a damn about it. I may or may not make another appointment.

Anyway, they were operating very smoothly and rapidly, and although there were 6 or 7 people in line ahead of me, I was out and on my way home in 20 minutes, max.

About the only thing I did the rest of the day, aside from a little work on the model, was to shorten my belt. I favor these Perry Ellis reversible belts. The blank end of the belt fits into the swiveling end of the buckle with a couple of set screws. With my new weight, which hasn’t changed by more than 0.4 pounds in a month, I had been cinching the belt up to like the 9th or 10th hole. So now I pulled it apart and cut 4 inches out of the blind end, and fitted it back into the buckle. Now it is snug in the 3rd hole.

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