1.343 test, two more walks

Monday 10/09/2020

Yeah. Went for a first walk at 7:30. When I got back, COVID testing had begun. Previously they did the testing for the 6th floor (or any floor) in that floor’s dining room, and they would come and summon you from your room. Now they are doing it differently: in the Auditorium, anytime between 8:30 and 10, and people lined up in the lobby. Simpler. So today was the 4th and 6th floors.

After lunch I went for another walk: down Channing to Pardee park, where I read a book on my iPhone for a while before walking back. Yup, that’s what life is down to now. Walking to a park to read, is an event worth blogging.

I finished priming three little pieces of the MG. Now to color them with the lovely red paint. But, hand-brush or air brush? It has gotten too cold to do airbrush outdoors. So I need to my “spray booth” indoors, into the bathroom.

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