1.341 Baylands, stress relief

Saturday 11/07/2020

So the whole goddam presidential thing wrapped up (well, there’s no doubt more to come, but wrapped up for now) and what a huge load off my spirit that was.

Patty and I had agreed to cancel lunch today and to go for a walk in the Baylands followed by picking up lunch from Armadillo Willy’s. The weather was nice, the air more clear than I’ve seen in weeks.

Lunch was nice, too. I have three more ribs and a cornbread muffin which I meant to eat for my supper but here it is 8pm and I’m not hungry. Maybe I can force down a muffin before bedtime. (Note that this morning I recorded my lowest weight in like forever, 159.8. Maybe junior in high school? Not since. But I don’t look emaciated or anything.)

Anyway after I returned, I took a trouble call from a resident with an iPad that she was sure had been “hacked” because suddenly it started showing her two keyboard images, neither of which responded, so she couldn’t do email. I think now she may be seeing a “split” keyboard which is an obscure iPad feature.

About 2:30 I lay down for a little nap and slept until 5pm. See above about “my burdens rolled away”. (Rolled away (treble ladies), Rolled Away (bass men), oh heck here, sing along: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntoGbhhESqk)

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