1.328 walking, driving

Sunday 10/25/2020

Quiet Sunday morning. Was not able to finish the NYT puzzle; the cryptic clues were too tricky.

I went for a walk around Palo Alto, enjoying being almost pain-free. In fact the annoying chest pains were almost entirely absent today, coming back only in the evening. So that was good.

But my walk of a little over a mile made me feel tired, and I napped for nearly an hour before lunch came. After lunch I decided to go somewhere different. I got the car out and drove up winding Page Mill Road to Highway 9 at the crest of the Coast Range. I had to pass quite a few bicycles, and remembered how it felt to ride up that 2000-foot narrow grade. I did it several times over the years, on a regular bike and on a recumbent.

At the top I lucked into a parking spot at Russian Ridge preserve, and walked about a mile into the preserve. This trail is a consistent uphill hike. The phone now says I climbed 17 flights of stairs today. Sounds about right. I had to stop often to bring my heart rate down, although I was not short of breath at any point.

Back in the car I drove North to pick up Highway 35 and back down the hill to I280. The hybrid picks up 4.7 miles of battery capacity coming off that hill. I like my plug-in hybrid.

And of course once back home I sat down in my recliner and immediately went off in another hour of deep sleep. Old. I definitely have been converted to an old person.

Oh, wait. In the evening I got a reply to my email from Amy Tucker, the coach emerita at SWBB. Hang on, we have problems, we have to hire a new marketing person. We’ll be in touch.

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