1.300 isolation day 2

Crappy night, many small discomforts kept me tossing. Still, I got many hours of sleep.

Saturday 9/26/2020

My temp this morning is 98.3. Or 98.0, on the second try, or 97.7 according to the nurse that used an infrared gun to my forehead when she brought the breakfast I didn’t order. Anyway, approaching normal, a little high still. I don’t feel feverish, which I did yesterday. That’s weirdly disappointing. I want my fever back!

By 8:30am I had dealt with several emails related to volunteers. People saying, I can’t deliver meals for various reasons. One person, Linda, had a really good excuse; her husband had taken a fall in their kitchen area last night, and had to be transported to Stanford Emergency. Well I guess you are busy, then. Anyway, after a flurry of business I think I’m ready for a nap.

Other than some time spent spraying little car parts, most of the day was like before: reading, watching youtube videos, napping.

The chest pain that has been with me since Wednesday was minimal in the morning and afternoon, and has stepped up a little tonight. It comes on if I take an extra deep breath, or lean forward to pick something up. This led me back to Doctor DuckDuckGo (I haven’t used Google for searches for years) and to pericarditis. Marian had this for a couple of weeks following her heart attack, about 1998 or so, and that article says, it commonly follows myocardial infarction but also has lots of other causes including “huh?”. It’s a hit in that (1) the pain onset can be sudden; (2) can involve shoulders and/or back; and (3) it can cause a fever! Hello-ooo!

I had a fever the day after the pain started. I’ve been assuming that was a coincidence, an unrelated viral infection. But, hmmm.

Unfortunately “The pain is usually relieved by sitting up or bending forward, and worsened by lying down” which is exactly the opposite of my pain. It is cool with lying down and gets worse leaning forward. Also unfortunate in that there’s no real good diagnostic test.

Still, I will propose this hypothesis to Dr. Dibiase on Monday.

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