1.297 back, model

Wednesday 9/23/2020

Started out with a run, which ended in an unexpected way. About half-way, just as I was approaching the bridge over the creek, I was hit by a pain. It came on suddenly, in mid-stride: a very strong (7-8 on a scale of 10), diffuse, pain around my chest. I came to a halt and leaned on a pole. Obvious check: heart attack? My heart rate felt normal and I wasn’t short of breath, and it wasn’t focused on the left or radiating down the left arm. Over a couple of minutes it reduced to a general upper-back pain. I walked home.

Over a couple of hours it reduced to a localized pain across my upper back just under the shoulderblades, say T-5 or so. Curiously I am most comfortable standing up. Sitting down I have to sit very erect to minimize the pain. So. WTF? Don’t know. Don’t want to pursue medical help at this point. The treatment for back pain is almost always “tylenol and time”. I will rethink that if the severe pain comes back.

About 12:30 I took a vicodin and after eating lunch, I had a nice two-hour nap, after which the pain was reduced to annoyance level. Taking tylenol before going to bed, leaving a couple of tylenol out for use if/when I get up in the night.

We got official permission to add solo sitting spots on the 11th floor. I met with Marcia there and we set up a couple of places. She went off to make signs for them, and prepare an announcement. She sent me the draft announcement, I did a little copy-edit and posted it to the house BB.

I put two more coats of primer on the model MG. Tomorrow I’ll start spraying color.

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