1.282 x-plane, meeting, screwing

Tuesday 8/8/2020

In a complete turnaround from yesterday, thanks largely to an overcast of smoke, the temperature at noon was barely 75. The forecast 90 didn’t show up; late in the day we reached 85.

After doing the zoom aerobics class I had nothing to do until the 11am writers’ meeting. I opened up the X-plane demo again and noticed it had a huge long list of airports you could start a flight from. Hmmm, I thought, and typed “thun” into the search field and, yep, Pierce Co. Thun Field was a choice. What do I know about Thun Field? It has been there at least since the 1950s. When I was in high school, on a couple of occasions I went there to see drag races, which were held on its runway. And drove by it often as it lies alongside the main road from Graham to Puyallup. (snicker, “main” road)

I selected it, and there I was in the Cessna, on the one-lane asphalt strip. Scenery was not like totally exact — no Douglas Fir trees to be seen — but I took off — this was the second time for a takeoff, the prior one was yesterday when the game coached me through taking off — and shortly there I was, flying SE toward Mt. Rainier in the distance, with pretty good detail in the scenery below. OK, sold. I went and bought the full product. I anticipate zooming over my childhood home, Laurel’s house, etc.

Marcia and I want to launch another volunteer service, the 11th floor safety sitters (see Day 1.272). Our proposal was approved, and we were told to work with A.J. who is a nice young man recently hired to assist residents in planning events. So today he was back to work from the long weekend and we met at 2pm. He basically ok’d all our plans. The new service will be announced Friday at Rhonda’s meeting, and actually start on Monday the 14th.

I walked to, and into the hardware store to buy 4 nuts. I wanted to make a place on the side of the spray booth where the airbrush can hang securely without spilling any paint from its cup. I had some screws that would do but no nuts. Not the kind of thing you can order online and pick up, four 8-32 nuts please. Actually now that I think of it, I wonder if there are nice assortments on Amazon. Well, I did it, went in, to the back where the array of drawers of small parts are, got my nuts, bought them. I don’t have an spraying to do right away but I am all set up.

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