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Friday 8/28/2020

Air quality being “Moderate” I went for a run. After that and my usual hour of futzing around reading the blogs I subscribe to, I re-edited my “what to do in an emergency” document, and then wrote my “How to be a Safety Sitter” document. Sent PDFs of both to Marcia.

Spent more time trying to configure Vendetta to work with my perfectly standard game controller. Ah, config.ini files. Such fun. Amazingly, this old (since 2002?) popular (many thousands of players, hundreds online simultaneously) game has no official doc on how to configure it, and the user generated stuff in the game wiki is old and not very helpful.

Later we met with Kim H.R. and then settled on what we are doing. We have two things going. One is the summary of emergency response, my terse summary to inform residents of what to do in case of fire or power outage. I sent that to Kim so she can try to reduce it to two pages that could be printed double-sided for distribution. She claims to be very experienced at such things.

Second is our proposal to open the 11th floor to people for meetings. In theory at least, people are not supposed to be meeting there now; only going up to exercise alone by walking around the outside perimeter, or to practice on the piano that is there. I went through the 11th floor penthouse to check on a couple of points in my instructions, and noticed three ladies having a nice conversation. They were masked and distanced, but sitting in the TV lounge area.

The reason that meetings are currently restricted to the ground floor lobby and outside meeting area is, that those areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected by staff. That’s what our “safety sitter” proposal would provide for the 11th floor. Except, not in the lounge area, which is all fabric covered seating and can’t be disinfected, and not with groups larger than two. Anyway, tomorrow I pull the sitter package together. In Rhonda’s Friday Zoom she stressed the need not to let our guard down, and how there had been reports of maskless meetings etc. “Which is especially ironic after all the grief we’ve been getting over trusting residents to do the right thing.” Oh, burn.

Spent more time trying to configure Vendetta for my gamepad, with no success. Finished the day with another episode of Travels by Narrowboat, but this one turned out not to be relaxing at all, as it involved his account of a very unfortunate incident that nearly ended his boat travel.

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