1.266 much coordination, model

Sunday 8/23/2020

Went down to the lobby at 10:30 to meet with co-coord. Marcia to discuss various volunteer projects, but the latest news was that the Sodexo staff in the kitchen want to take back the meal delivery job. They had already insisted on delivering some of the carts at breakfast.

We can’t get any management input on this until Tuesday when Kim-HR and Rhonda come back from their days off. So decided that I would hang around and tell the lunch volunteers to give way to kitchen staff if staff want to do it.

Then we waited for what we thought was an 11am meeting with Chris B to organize “maintenance walkers”, volunteers who will walk the building once a week and report maintenance problems using an app the Facilities crew use. Except Chris B didn’t show, and when paged, said it was on his calendar for the 30th. Oh well.

I presumed that also applied to the 3pm meeting with him to organize the trash pickup crew. Turned out, it didn’t. At 5pm I learned he held the meeting and I wasn’t there. Hmmph.

At 11:30 Marcia returned from a phone call with the news that she had talked to the Sodexo manager Matt, and the volunteers are definitely laid off, for sure. She volunteered to email all the volunteers scheduled for lunch and dinner and tomorrow’s meals. I went back to my room and worked on the model and finished it! See below.

At 2:30 I got a call from Angela, another top staff person. She wanted to talk about how they could no longer prop open the fire doors for meal deliverers (see yesterday’s post). No problem, said I, we volunteers are off the job anyway. You can work it out with Sodexo if they need any help.

At 3:30 Angela called again to say, well I have looked into this, and we agree the volunteers should continue to delivery meals! Ohhhhkayyyy, so Marcia just emailed everyone that we are off, now we can email them again. Called Marcia; she can do the email; and we agreed that we needed to double up the delivery people at least for the more frail deliverers, so they would have someone to hold the fire door back for them. She would send the email and call two extra people for dinner, but is running a Zoom conference the rest of the day. No problem, I’ll go down and make sure the dinner deliveries go ok.

So back down to the lobby at 5. All three volunteers, plus the two that Marcia had called, showed up and all were confident they could get through the fire doors without help. Which they all did. So the extra two went away again, and after everyone had completed delivering at least one cart, I went back to my room for my own supper. Whew.

In other news, I am hanging two humming bird feeders and have enough customers that they empty both in a 12-hour day. It’s like a swarm of hummingbirds. If they were bugs, they’d be yucky.

So, the model. Here are some pictures, artfully posed so you can’t see the missing door handle and not sharp enough you can see all the many flaws in the paint job, of which I am acutely aware.

These are not great pictures even though taken with the Nikon instead of the phone. I have forgotten how to use the Nikon right. Need to do them over with a tripod and stopped down to get some depth of field. Whatever.

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