1.263 cleanup, apheresis

Thursday 8/20/2020

Thursday washday. Well, not wash, but the day a bag of linens and towels shows up outside my door. Make up the bed, clean the bathroom and kitchen, sweep, swiff, vacuum. All done by 10.

Spent a bit of time on the Ford model, and almost threw it in the bin. Yesterday I had attached the incredibly small and delicate outside mirrors. Today, trying to insert the interior/chassis unit into the body, I managed to break both, and knock a tiny chrome bit off the counter. I went looking for it but was muttering how if I didn’t find it, I would write off the whole project. I’ve learned a lot from this model, mostly by very painful trial and error. Anyway at the last minute I found it, and so continued.

After lunch I went and got the car and headed out to the Stanford Blood Center donation site a mile away in Menlo Park. Many many times before I had done whole-blood donations, but this time I had booked an appointment to do plasma apheresis. Why ever for? Oh, just for a change. Of plasma.

Fifteen years ago some researchers made some headlines by showing that if they transfused the blood of young mice into old mice, it reversed some of the effects of aging. Nothing much followed on those headlines until recently, when the same researchers, who’d been plugging away all these years, issued new research showing that the rejuvenating effects did not come from an infusion of young plasma, but simply from replacing the plasma, period. So I’m thinking, hey, I know of a free procedure in which they take away a couple pints of your plasma, and you get to replace it. Why not donate plasma, thereby doing a good deed for someone, and find out if replacing one’s plasma a fraction every four weeks, has any effect like replacing half of it in an old mouse.

Maybe I’ll turn into a mouse?

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