1.259 lightning, meetings, tractor

Sunday 8/16/2020

I was awakened a 5:25 by a very loud clap of thunder. I got up and stood out on my balcony in my bathrobe watching the show. I wondered if I could photograph it, but how? Flashes were coming at one or two minute intervals but what are the chances of clicking the shutter at the right time? Then it occurred to me that the phone does video (now in hindsight, I realized that so does the Nikon, and at higher res). I shot several segments of video that contained lightning strokes. Later in the morning I edited them into a little video, and was able to pull out some nice still frames. Here’s the best.

Three volunteer meetings were scheduled for today. At 11, those who were interested in watering and tending indoor plants were to meet with the head of Housekeeping, who has been minding them. Previously we had a contractor who maintained the plants in the lobby and the penthouse on the 11th floor. With COVID, contractors are not permitted in the building. Housekeeping has been doing it; now Marcia led 6 volunteers to organize themselves to do the job.

Meanwhile, Facilities manager Chris B. met with the small group who wanted to do outdoor gardening. Neither of these meetings required me, but I went to the lobby to kibitz. While I was there at about 11, I got an email from Elizabeth on the staff, saying that owing to the lightning storm (which was completely over by then) they were worried about power outages, so the lunch meal carts would again need to use the freight elevator. I moved over to meeting the lunch volunteers and pass this message before climbing the 90+ steps to the sixth floor to wait for my own lunch.

At three I went down again for a meeting I’d called: the trash pick-up volunteers, again with Chris B. Except Marcia, who was there marshalling another set of volunteers, said, “Didn’t Chris call you? He canceled to next Sunday.” No he didn’t. He apparently called four of the five volunteers, but not the fifth nor me. Humph. Climbed the stairs again (well, I didn’t do any walking today, otherwise).

Went down again before dinner to make sure those volunteers were OK. Also at this time, I picked up a package: the John Deere tractor model from Laurel had arrived. I’ll have pictures of it later. It’s not exactly a scale model, more an elaborate antique stamped-tin toy. It is recognizable as a tractor of the same type we had on the Ranch in our childhoods, but needs lots of detail. Talking to Dennis later, he said to make it complete I really need to also model the trailer my father cobbled up from a truck rear axle and some fir logs. Hmmm. I said, sure, and I should also make a nice diorama for it, with a scale model barnyard with scale model cow-pies.

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