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I tried watching the highly rated A Star Is Born remake from 2018. I enjoyed the first 30 minutes of it but then I could see it was going in a dark direction with the girl’s career going up and the drunken cowboy’s career headed down. I don’t like dark. So I paused it and peeked at the Wikipedia entry.

First surprise there was, oh, that’s Lady Gaga, doing a terrific job of acting like a perfectly normal looking person. Then I got to the spoiler section, AKA the plot summary, and, yup. Not going there. So I watched another episode of Travels in a Narrowboat to cleanse my palate and went to bed.

Friday 8/14/2020

On the way out to my run I checked in on the meal delivery people who were doing just fine. Normal run. Then I checked in with Selma, who was to shadow the paper delivery person this early morning. She had, and told me all about it. I think this may work with only the few volunteers we have. So I sent an email telling them to meet on Tuesday morning at 5:15 to organize themselves. I suppose I’ll have to be there also.

Following which I had a pleasantly un-booked morning. Did some work on the model. Then it was noon and I went down to check. I had to do something but darned if I remember what.

Four o’clock and time for Rhonda’s weekly meeting. The second round of weekly testing of all staff has come back negative. One more week of negative tests and the staff will be able to stop wearing masks even when alone in their offices. The on-going survey testing will reach my 6th floor this coming Monday; that’ll be my third time tested.

In other news, the garages are once again open, we are free to come and go to them any time. However we have to remove the old windshield dongle and use a new, larger remote. It’s basically a normal garage door clicker, a box with a button that clips to your visor.

It was now 5pm and the meeting was continuing, but I Left the Meeting (much easier with Zoom than a physical conference) and went down to the lobby. First to check on my evening delivery crew, one of whom hadn’t done the job before. And second to pick up my new garage remote.

After getting the delivery crew squared away, I headed down to the garage by the new, simplified route (same as the old pre-quarantine route, through the basement) and got the car out for the first time in a couple of weeks. The clicker worked to open the garage for exit. I drove around for ten minutes to let the 12V battery charge, and then headed back. And the new clicker did not work to open the door for entry. I parked on the street and went in to report the problem. Left my clicker at the front desk to be debugged by Facilities.

What should I watch tonight?

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