1.242 linens, model

Thursday 7/30/2020

Did the morning aerobics. Soon after, found the weekly sack of fresh linens outside my door. Last Thursday was when Marta cleaned the place professionally. This week I’m on my own. In hopes of another professional cleaning next Thursday, I only swept the kitchen/living room floor, and changed the bed. Given the situation with Housekeeping staff having to deliver food, probably next Thursday I will have to get out my little vacuum and spray bottle of cleaner and do it right.

Off and on through the day I worked on the model, where I achieved a bit of a coup. The model has a detailed front end including steering knuckles/kingpins, and a detailed little tie-rod between them. The kingpins are set up so they could pivot, giving steerable front wheels. However, the connection between the tie-rod and the steering knuckles was designed to be cemented solid. A pin on the knuckle went into a hole in the end of the tie-rod, and if you didn’t cement it, the tie-rod would just fall off. So close to articulated steering, but not there. Assembled to instructions, the wheels would be fixed.

So I cut off the pins that came up from the steering knuckles. I took a tiny little drill bit and drilled a hole through the end of each steering knuckle, where the pin used to be. And I made little bitty rings of brass wire to link the tie-rod ends to the knuckles. Viola, articulated front steering. I’m rather pleased with this so I am including two pictures.

The front wheel attaches on that stub axle.

Not much else to say about this day. Well, one thing. I have Marian’s retirement clock on my desk. It’s a nice, heavy, gold thing that sat on our mantel for years. It’s very accurate, and runs for about a year on a single “N” cell. This morning during aerobics I noticed it had stopped. Time for a new battery. How to get one? I didn’t want to start yet another Amazon order for one stinking $3 pack of 2 batteries. I could fill out a form for “essentials”, and the staff will shop it next Tuesday, but I don’t want to give the staff any more to do in this crunch time.

Bleep it, I said, I’m going to walk to CVS and buy it. I put on my hat and got about halfway over to the CVS on University when my conscience got to me. Yes the risk is minimal but is it really essential to take it? Once again, do I want to risk being the one who brings the virus into Channing House?

Nope. So I turned around and walked back. And in about 2 minutes I had found TheBatterySupplier.com, a wonderful website that sells batteries of all kinds and doesn’t charge shipping. In five minutes I had placed an order for a 2-pack of N cells. It may take a week to get them, but whatever. I have five other clocks in the apartment (microwave, dvr, house phone, iPhone, wristwatch).

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