1.211 book talk, FOPAL, rejection

Monday 6/29/2020

Went for a run, starting early, 7am, so as to be back in plenty of time for the arrival of the breakfast cart at 8:15. This was one of two days this week (Friday the other) where I opted to take the in-house breakfast, because French Toast. Actually I’m kind of sorry because Sunday I mixed up 4 shakers of meal replacements in all new flavors to me and I was looking forward to trying one. Tomorrow, then. Good to have things to anticipate.

On the run I was starting to practice my book talk which is just a week away. In the afternoon I spent about 3 hours working on that, writing it and accumulating images and graphs and stuff to put on the Zoom screen. At least another day of work on that.

I also worked on the FOPAL sale sign-up sheets, responding to emails. That takes a lot of time, crafting emails. I try to make sure I am saying what I mean to say, and not too much and blah blah, and end up spending 20 minutes or more on a short email.

Rejection number five came in this afternoon. I guess I’m pleased that agents do reply faster than I had been warned. Well, not so much faster, this one was almost two weeks out. Anyway better a slow acceptance, or something.

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