1.168 nother day nother phone

Monday 5/18/2020

Normal Monday. Went for a run. Did some stuff. Emailed the 6th floor asking if anyone wants to shop this week. Got a couple replies, so will do that, set up an Errand.com run Tuesday night.

On my run, my podcast started to break up. What? Eventually I realized the problem was that the little lightning port to stereo jack dongle was broken. It had flexed once too often in the middle, I guess. Fortunately I have another one, and maybe I’ll get out my magnifier and soldering iron and see if I can splice the teenytiny little wires.

The new phone arrived in the evening, a day before it was nominally scheduled, three days after it got to Menlo Park. I opened the box. It looks exactly like the old one! I will just have to take Apple’s word that the electronics are way faster and the camera mungs it pixels more cleverly. I didn’t set it up yet.

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