1.137 mostly coding

Friday, 4/17/2020

Went for a run, the first one wearing my handmade furnace-filter mask. That worked fine. I’ve noticed that wearing a mask, my nose runs much less than usual. All winter I’ve used up a couple of kleenexes on any run, blowing my nose several times. With the mask, hardly at all. So the mucus is a product of moist air condensing, I guess, and behind any mask, my nostrils stay warmer, so less condensation.

On the other hand, I had to breath deeper. So maybe the mask doesn’t pass air as freely as the simple paper mask.

I wrote and coded most of the day. To review, I’m studying what the author wrote and understanding his code, which is in Java, then reproducing the same logic in a different language, Python. (Programmers only: github repo) Twice I ran into places where he takes advantage of Java features that aren’t supported the same way in Python, so I have to study up the Python documentation and google Java tutorials to figure out how to do it. The actual logic I’m reproducing is not that hard to understand; the difficulties are in finding ways to do the same thing in another language. Like trying to translate a joke in English into French; you need to know not just the grammar, but the idioms of both.

In the afternoon we had CEO Rhonda’s phone conference. Not a lot of news. The DIY cleaning kits are not ready due to shipping delays. Damn it, I want my vacuum! Big disappointment. Four people from Housekeeping, plus one other staff, have volunteered to apprentice as nurses’ aids in the wellness wing. Front desk staff are also depleted due to people staying home due to symptoms or to “fear”. That’s the word she used, but didn’t elaborate. The Sodexo dining staff are also depleted by people staying home.

Asked about what would allow the construction to resume on the fifth floor upgrade, she said it was controlled by the Santa Clara County shelter orders. If that relaxes, she’s sure the contractor (Vance Brown) is eager to come back.


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