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Wednesday, 4/8/2020

Went for a run. Felt good.

At two points today, other residents called me up for assistance using Zoom on a Mac. I spent an hour on the phone with Connie walking her through the process of creating and hosting a meeting. Later in the day she told me that it was working and she felt ready to host the Floor Reps meeting tomorrow, which I guess she had been asked to do.

Another resident, Kiki, has a lot of trouble using her iPad, in part because her hands are very shaky so it is hard to tap on things accurately. Anyway I managed to talk her through joining a meeting.

I really wish people would put in proper tech help requests. They’d probably end up referred to me anyway, though, being Mac users. When we get back to normal I will have to try to fix that.

I did a little more with Crafting Interpreters. Then it was suppertime and the evening’s meal was a dud, almost inedible. Well, salad and dessert were acceptable. With it, I drank my last Pepsi. Hopefully I will get more with the grocery order promised for tomorrow.

The evening’s communication from Channing House had two new restrictions based on advice from the County health department. One, all residents of senior facilities are to have their temperature taken daily and be surveyed for symptoms. CH is allowing us to self-report if we have the means for taking our own temps, and I do. They didn’t specify any particular time of day.

Then there is this, which rules out attendance at church for any reason, among other meetings.

Residents are not to leave the facility to celebrate holidays. The order states: “Gathering with people who do not live in your residence, even to celebrate a religious holiday, poses severe risk of COVID-19 transmission. The risk is especially high for those who live in congregate settings such as long-term care facilities. Additionally, under the Public Health Officer’s Order of March 31, 2020, any non-essential gathering between people who do not live in the same household is legally prohibited.”

A Channing House apartment is a household/residence. So, gatherings of people who do not live in your apartment is also prohibited.

If you attend gatherings, we have been directed to either prohibit your entry back into the building or have you isolated for 14 days. To have the Public Health Department authorize us to prohibit your return is shocking and speaks to how important they see this issue. We would opt to have you isolated. But, we hope you will just stay home this holiday season.

Note the management’s use of “shocking”. Kind of agree. Not being able to go to church is no issue for me. And I already wasn’t attending any other sort of “gathering”. But this also formalizes what we all were pretty much observing before, not going to someone else’s apartment.

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