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Thursday 3/19/2020

I intended to go for a run this morning. Then I realized I had filled out the menu form for a breakfast today. (The alternative, if you don’t want a meal, is a big X through that meal’s panel on the triptych menu sheet.) Which meant I couldn’t, as I usually do when I run, eat a meal replacement shake in my room and head out the door at 7:30. I would have to wait for the assigned 6th floor slot, 8:15.

Well, I can be flexible in a national crisis. I stayed around, finishing my read of the internet, until 8:15, then went downstairs, meaning to pick up the breakfast box, go back and eat it, and then run. But there had been “a disaster in the kitchen” of unspecified type, and they were running half an hour late.

So I just headed out the door on my run. Which went great. Felt good. Passed maybe 5 other people. Back at CH, I went through the hand-wash ante-room and there was my breakfast box, not quite the last one on the table.

The staff continues to implement changes. Today at lunchtime they were setting down a trail of footsteps, 6 feet apart, for us to follow on emerging from the elevator, on the way to pick up our meal boxes.


Also, Wanda, my housekeeper, had left off my bag of fresh linens. As I noted a couple of days ago, housekeeping is now only cleaning rooms monthly, because of staffing shortages (people needing time for child care, and extra sanitation of public spaces). So here’s my linens and my lunch.


So after lunch I made my bed, and returned by bagged used linens to the collection point in the lounge. We are very self-sufficient here.

At supper time the meal service was finally operating on all cylinders. You come out of the elevator during your floor’s time-slot. You queue up on the happy-feet symbols. As you get near the washroom, a staff member grabs your menu selection page from a pile and hands it to someone who takes it to the kitchen. By the time you come through the hand-wash room, or a short wait later, a server comes out of the kitchen with a paper bag containing your food order, and the hot foods are still hot. Here’s my supper.


Jicama and cherry tomato salad, barbecue turkey breast, mashed potatoes, 2% milk, some kind of cobbler.

All of the containers are compostable. When done, you just put everything in the box, and the box into a biodegradable plastic bag. When full, put it out in the hall for pickup and transfer to the composting dump. The amount of planning that the CH staff and the Sodexo crew have done in a few days is just staggering.



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