1.106 novel, quarantine

Tuesday 3/17/2020

I started the day with a run. Didn’t time myself, but went the usual pace and felt good.

For most of the rest of day I alternated between reading bad query letters at Query Shark, and further polishing my own.

In mid-afternoon came the email from Rhonda: further interpretation of the county’s shelter directive shows that we can no longer have the dining room open for eating, even with the current restrictions. Tonight you will select what you want for takeout. You will also get a menu form to fill out for tomorrow’s meals; please leave it in your floor lounge by 11pm.

In the tab next to my email I have the Johns Hopkins Corona virus dashboard, showing confirmed cases worldwide and by country. Top left corner, the total, which only updates if you refresh the page. I try to refresh it only once or twice a day. Today, 187,000.

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