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Friday, 3/13/2020

In the morning, for exercise, I walked the mile-plus to the P.A. Cafe. I sat outside (distancing) with my computer and continued editing the novel. At 11am I took a Lyft back.

I didn’t mention yesterday, that I had ordered a pizza online from Palo Alto pizza, picked it up from on California avenue, and ate half for supper, with a beer, in my apartment. Today for lunch I had the remaining half. Then I returned to the editing and completed the job. Then I sent the link to the Google Doc to several friends. Here it is. Next jobs with that are to, 1, collect comments from beta readers, to include hopefully some actual middle-graders; 2, prepare a submission package and send a letter and opening chapters to some possible agents.

About 4pm I decided to get outside again. I was out of bread (I keep bread in my cupboard along with peanut butter, salami, cheese and other sandwich makings), so I decided to walk to my local store, the Whole Foods a few blocks away.

The walk was pleasant but the store was not. I didn’t immediately notice the bread shelves just inside the door, and walked the whole store looking for bread. I observed that the pasta shelves were bare. Preppers love pasta, I guess. Everything else was in good supply, except for the bread, when I finally found it. As I walked around I got increasingly nervous. There were lots of people, and which one (or ones) of them was oozing viral particles? I had come into a crowd for no really good reason, exposing myself and not even finding what I came for. I walked out and home again in a bad mood. I felt exposed, and not only washed my hands but took a shower.


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