1.073.2 Faulty Towers

Note spelling: I think they are treading carefully around Intellectual Property issues. Anyway, the Faulty[sic] Towers Dinner Experience is literally, dinner theater. You gather with about 40 of your new friends in the lobby of a Radisson Blu hotel and be sippin’ drinks when an awkward Spanish guy in a waiter’s jacket comes in and starts making mistakes serving snacks, and Basil Faulty comes in and slaps him around and then Basil’s wife Sybil comes in and takes Basil to task for losing the seat assignment chart she just gave him, but it turns out it’s in his pocket after all, and he proceeds to call out names and with many sarcastic comments directs us to our tables in the dining room next door.

And it goes on from there, an actual three-course meal gets served over the next 90 minutes, but there are continuing mishaps and disasters between the three characters, many of which are familiar if you can remember the original TV series. Like Manuel having a pet rat, which he insists “No, is HAAAMSTER, meester Faulty”. And of course the rat gets loose and Basil and Manual are chasing it under the tables.

I was seated between Rebecca, a young-ish woman who was there with her partner and her father; the father, about my age, was visiting to do some handyman work around the flat, and they wanted to give the old man a treat. On my right was… I forget her name, very outgoing woman, we talked about the California vacation she’s planning with her husband who was across the table.

It was all pretty amusing and fun. The three actors were physically very close to the originals, had the voices and accents down pat, good comic timing, and all told did a great job.

Oh, and the papers had dire forecasts for heavy rain, which did not develop. I’ve been carrying my umbrella but didn’t have to open it at all yesterday. The weather has been remarkably mild.

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