1.053 OMCA, SWBB

Friday, 1/24/2020

Today’s main activity was to take advantage of a field trip: a bus ride to the Oakland Museum of California to see the traveling exhibit, “No Spectators: the Art of Burning Man”. I’ve been aware of the annual Burning Man art/performance/rave but never attended (or much wanted to). A city of many thousands of residents is created on a flat dust plain in Nevada, celebrates itself for a week, and is carefully deconstructed and removed.

The exhibit had lots of photos and a few of the smaller artifacts. Heroic-scale art constructions are the prize features. Some of the smaller objects were here and I was impressed enough to take a few pics.


The silver dancer at OMCA was about 15 feet high, one-fifth the size of the one that appeared in the desert a couple of years ago. I was taken by how she rose up out of the nice hedge of Ceanothus that was just coming into bloom. The steel dodecahedron (? I didn’t actually count the faces) was just lovely.

In the evening was a SWBB game against Colorado. The Buffs came very near getting the upset. Their aggressive, pressing defense seemed to throw the Cardinal off their game (and they were not helped by lacking two more, for a total of five, injured players from the roster of 15). Stanford trailed most of the game. With seconds to play, Colorado hit a clutch three to put them up by 2 with 1.6 seconds on the clock. The Colorado bench were on the court celebrating until the refs shooed them off.

Stanford inbounded from in front of their bench. Lacey Hull did the inbound, a high lob to Ashten, the 6-5 center, standing at the post, and she laid it in on the buzzer for a tie: overtime! That five minutes was close as well, but Stanford got a 3-point lead with a minute to go, Colorado had to start fouling. Stanford made their free throws, and ended up winning by eight.





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