1.044 nickerty shit, London plan

Wednesday, 1/15/2020

“Nickerty shit” is what my old pal and sometime roommate John Snow called those small annoying things that had to be dealt with. Today in the morning I cleared out some nickerty shit: paid a couple of bills, washed up the dirty coffee cups, dumped accumulated recycling. Went to the bank and deposited a check (from that IBM benefits outfit that I have tried three times to convert to direct deposit, but the checks keep coming) and got some cash.

This is interesting: I think it has been three months or more since I used an ATM to get cash. I pay for almost everything day-to-day with Apple Pay on the phone, or with LastPass filling in a credit card number online. My wad of cash just lasts and lasts.

Then took my favorite jacket to Jacquie’s Sew and Sew. Walking fast to the train yesterday afternoon, I went to zip it up and the pull broke off the zipper. Turns out this clever zipper will not unzip without its pull in place. Are they all like that? I don’t think so, but anyway, on the train I pulled the jacket off over my head, and spent ten minutes trying to get the slider to go down. Finally forced it down with brute strength, but I could no longer zip it up again. So off to the seamstress where, a couple years ago, I had a new lining installed in that same jacket. Two weeks and $95 bucks. As long as I get it back before London.

Drove down to look at FOPAL. Normally I would spend Wednesday afternoon there, but yesterday came a strange terse email from Janette our leader: FOPAL is unexpectedly closed for a week to replace carpets. Whu? I emailed Frank, another volunteer there who knows everything, and he knew the story. “Sunday maybe 4:15pm (past the close of the sale) some guy wheeled up the ramp on in his chair wanting to know where is the bag of books he forgot to take earlier? Somehow he got in [to the sale room]. Then it developed: (1) this forgotten bag was from November’s sale, and (2) he was bleeding out his toe. So, big gouts of blood on the carpet… he left via the exit toward the parking lot and I have since been told he wheeled his way to Piazza’s where he put on a different but similar spectacle in search of a sandwich.”

I was there on Monday and didn’t notice any big blood stains, although I do remember people talking around me about bloodstains while I was obliviously sorting. Whatever, on Tuesday “the Hazmat crew” (from what, PA FD?) got involved, and advised that the carpets need to be replaced. Now. So the place is shut down while that happens.

Later this morning Craig sent out his usual email looking for bridge players for Monday and, since I won’t be going to FOPAL then, I signed up.

Afternoon, spent some time studying Affinity Photo (which is an impressive app and a worthy PhotoShop replacement) and doing online volunteer work.

For supper I sat at an empty 4-top and was shortly joined by Cathy and by Kay and Don. The latter two still have their house. They have bought into CH on the third floor, but have elected to not move in until the third floor upgrade finishes (18 months yet). Meantime, they take most of their meals here because, Kay says, “I hate to cook.” Don took a docent tour at CHM a few months ago (not mine) and unfortunately was in one of those 40-person days and didn’t have a good experience.

After supper I sat down with the list of London museum URLs I put together some time back, because it occurred to me that it would be good to know which ones have docent tours and on what days and hours. The big ones are open 7 days and are free. I noted when they have their highlight tours.

I haven’t finished the list, however I have already found two things I want to visit that require advance booking. The Royal Gallery and the Royal Mews I booked for Monday 2/17. Then one of the lesser museums, the Saatchi Gallery, turns out to be hosting Tutankhamun, the biggest collection of relics ever allowed out of Egypt, and that also must be booked for a specific entry time. So I booked that for Tuesday 2/18, and my dance card for the trip is filling up.

Interesting, I think I remember visiting a big Tutankhamun exhibit at the British Museum in 1975…

A year ago I was having unpleasant 3am thoughts about the house, obsessing on all the things that it needed. The previous day I had been debating the cost of a senior residence versus the cost of staying in the house. Now I decided “no amount of piecemeal spending could relieve my 3am worries about the fabric of this place; and frankly I am not up for any amount of remodeling… So, yeah, if a fresh start in a pleasant place where I have zero worries about building maintenance, appliance repair, or landscaping — if that costs $25K extra a year, it’s probably worth it.”

A year later, I confirm. Yup. Totally worth it.



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