1.042 mostly FOPAL

Monday, 1/13/2020

Wanting to spend a good amount of time at FOPAL on this day after the sale, I didn’t go for a morning run. Went there at 8:30 and stayed until 1:30, by which time my back was sore and I was ready for my standard prescription, “2 Ibuprofen and a nap,” good for any ailment or condition. My section sold 61 books. Got it all nicely tidied up and organized, and then did the same for the sorting room. Very satisfying work.

A year ago I was still running the numbers on living in my house versus moving to a senior community, with ambiguous results. (I linked to the Clash, Should I Stay or Should I Go.) A year later I am very clear that selling up and moving was absolutely the right thing. It is so nice to not worry about taxes, insurance, maintenance; to have no chores except bi-weekly laundry; to have grocery shopping be an entirely optional thing, deciding what snacks I might want in my refrigerator, and no time pressure to get them, etc. etc. And no concern about “what will I do if I get sick, fall and break something, need an operation.” (My friend Nancy who sits next to me at SWBB games had a bout of pneumonia the last couple weeks, and commented on how lonely she got, having to stay at home in bed, unable to get out.)


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