1.026 tech calls, SWBB

Saturday, 12/28/2019

I had a date with Peter to suss out the 11th floor sound system at 10, but while I was sitting around after breakfast, Craig called, asking me to take a tech call with Margret whose Mac was acting up. He and she thought she had the MyWay browser malware. I read up on that before looking at her machine. I’m not sure she did have it, at least, I couldn’t find any executables or any browser plug-ins by that name. But in the course of looking I needed her admin password, which she was sure was a certain string, but it wasn’t. So after trying all the passwords in her text file of old passwords and failing to get in, I got to learn how to reset the admin password on a Macbook Pro. It isn’t hard; but I’d never done it before.

Then up to the penthouse and Peter and I futzed around with the electronics there, in preparation for a party he is hosting on the 5th. There is a host of electronics there, including a humongous TV, a 4K job (i.e. 3840px across) and at least 75-inch, maybe 90-inch wide. It is driven off a Yamaha receiver with inputs from a Comcast DVR, a Roku, a Chromecast, a Blu-Ray, and a computer plugged in to an HDMI port on the front.

Funny thing about that; the Comcast box on the TV has only the basic subscription, so you couldn’t play from Netflix or any sports channel, and at the moment it seems to not play any channels at all, owing to a problem with Comcast. Don’t know if the Roku works or for what channels.

Peter wanted to drive the TV from a Macbook. That’s supposed to work but didn’t. So we worked out how to plug his Macbook into a spare HDMI on the back of the big TV. Then the question was, how to provide nice background music from an iPhone, using a different amplifier that drives other speakers. So we fiddled with that for a while and got that working.

At lunch I sat with John, who was going to the BB game, so I cadged a ride with him and his wife Eve. The game was with UC Davis and was an unexpectedly hard challenge. The Aggies, well, both teams really, were playing very aggressive, intense defensive games and Stanford struggled against what should have been a weaker opponent. They trailed 30-32 at the half, and only gained a lead with two minutes to play in the third quarter. The final score of 67-55 does not reflect the difficulty of the game. Freshman Haley Jones had a breakout game.



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