1.018 Laundry, Docent

Friday, 12/20/2019

I had booked a slot in the laundry calendar for 7am, so I could start my first load right after I got up, at 6:30. By 9am I had it all done and folded, and my red CHM Docent shirt ironed and ready to put on.

Left at 11am for the museum where my 12 o’clock tour had about 18 people to start, and most, say 14, stuck with me to the end. It’s interesting how some people are just hanging on my every word and enjoying my little witticisms, and others are listening but orbiting around, looking at the exhibits and circling back. I think as a guest, I tend to be that type.

I did something the afternoon but can’t recall it now, next morning. Alas, a significant act lost to history. Oh, one thing was, I wrote up how I’d replaced Chrome with the Brave browser, and sent it to two other tech gurus, Craig and Bert.

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