1.005 Laundry, Docent, images, SWVB

Saturday, 12/7/2019

I was scheduled for the noon tour, which meant leaving at 11am in my red docent shirt, which needed washing. So I started the laundry before 7am, in order to get both loads done and the shirt ironed in time.

Went to the museum and led a tour that started with about 15 people. Picked up another ten or so on the way, then they evaporated and I ended up with 12 at the end. They seemed interested.

Back home, I spent some time learning the ins and outs of Affinity, the app I am starting to use to edit my old photos and print them out large on the new printer. The standard for decades has been Adobe Photoshop but as I wrote before, they changed their business model a few years ago, from selling software to renting it. When I finished converting all the old slides, I dropped my Adobe subscription. Affinity is a replacement. It cost only $40, but it has just about every feature that PhotoShop had, and a user interface that is pretty close to it. At least, a number of the PhotoShop keystrokes in my muscle memory do the same thing in Affinity. But as was true with PhotoShop, there is no bottom to the depths of things you can do with it. I ran onto a big set of free tutorial videos for using Affinity, and watched several and then immediately went and applied them to a picture.

It doesn’t show well at this resolution, but the picture on the right is improved in several ways, and the point is that each component was improved separately. The wall and the people were separated from the distant hill so it could be made darker and greener. Then I selected the man and child–including the wisps of their hair–from the masonry wall. The wall got a little darker and bluer. The faces and flesh tones got subtly brighter and easier to see. I see that their shirts should get more saturated; since they are on a separate layer now, that will be easy to do without affecting anything else.

Soon it was 5pm and time to call for a Lyft to Maples and the second round of the NCAA for women’s volleyball. Stanford had no difficulty in disposing of Cal Poly in three sets. The dining room wasn’t open when I left, and it was closed when I got back, so once again I had a salami and cheese sandwich and a beer in my room.


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