1.003 Shustek mostly

Thursday, 12/5/2019

Pretty much a quiet day. Drove to the Shustek center and spent the day photographing. By the end of the day I and Tom had completely cleared the “to be photographed” shelves.

Two interesting new donations. One was a military computer. Alan did the online searching to figure out it was a Data General Nova minicomputer inside, but it was packaged in a long black box shaped like avionics, suitable to rack into a helicopter or something, with mil-spec cable connectors, and it weighed 90 pounds. The other was a TV Typewriter, a home-brew box with a keyboard and amateur-looking toggle switches. The design for a circuit that would put 16, 32-character lines on a TV screen was published in 1973, and was used as the primary user interface to many home-brew computers in the 1974-1979 era.

That was about it. Back to CH, had a short nap, then went to dinner. Decided I didn’t like anything on offer, so ate a sandwich in my room.


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