Day 365, errands, Anthem, A/V, Jean

Well. One year ago I was visiting the Neptune Society offices to make arrangements, and writing about my first experiences of grief. Quite a lot has changed in that year, and over the next few days I plan to assemble some kind of retrospective essay, summarizing what I’ve experienced, what I’ve done, and what I’ve learned. But for now, I will just carry on with daily posts.

However, going forward, shall I keep the Day number headings? Once we are past 365, they stop being meaningful. Maybe change the numbering system to a year and a day, e.g. supposing this has been year zero, then tomorrow could be Day 1.1, and so on to 2021 when Day 1.365 changes to Day 2.1. Or maybe drop the “Day” and just use a number, 1.15.

Tuesday, 12/3/2019

Over the past few days I’ve accumulated a lot of mental “should-do” items and finally made myself write a list, which proved quite lengthy, so devoted this morning to doing these things. Some bills. Paid up the Apple Card and then had another unsatisfactory exchange with the Apple help text system. The Apple Card just does not want to do things in ways I would like. I’ve mentioned how I can’t schedule a payment through my usual SFCU Bill Pay system. There’s no reason they can’t support that. Today I asked if there was any way I could view my balance or statement or make a payment using my iMac instead of the little iPhone screen. Nope. They do not support such a thing. There’s no support for the Apple Wallet on the bigger systems.

And that decided me: I am going to cancel the Apple Card, and not the BofA card.  Which is a bit of a close shave for the latter, because I was going to close it after its balance was zero, which I thought it would be when my payment cleared. However in the interim I took an Uber (Sunday, to the Dish walk) and I had forgotten that I had that card as the payment option for Uber. So now it had a new, $9 balance and I put off closing it to next month, and now it will survive.

Recall how a few days back (Day 353 actually) I was unable to get into the Anthem system to investigate my new drug insurance. Try again within 30 days of the start of your coverage, was the advice. So, today I tried again. The symptoms were different, another vague error message, “We can’t seem to complete your log-in” and offering three possibilities: wrong username or password, not yet registered, or account is locked. So I called the help line, and once again got a minimum-wage person with a heavy accent (Philipino?) who offered to reset the account password. Well, I had already been through resetting the password, but ok, and of course that didn’t help. She suggested I should wait until coverage actually starts. Sigh.

I went out, stopping first at Bed Bath and Beyond because I was thinking maybe I want a duvet. I was kind of chilly a few nights, but that was when the bedroom radiator wasn’t working. But maybe a not-too-arctic duvet with a colorful cover would be nice. They didn’t have any. They had duvets, but only boring gray or beige covers, and anyway a Queen/Full set would be over $300 and… nah. fuggedaboudit.

On to Target where I hoped to stock up on some Ranitidine. I had gotten that there before (day 229) and remembered exactly where they should be. But they weren’t. Name-brand (Zantac) but no generic. I also looked for note pads. Simple, 4×6, pads of white paper such as I want one of by the phone and one on my desk. Nope.

Crossed the street to Walmart. They, also, had no Ranitidine, although they at least had posted a “temporarily out of stock” note on that bit of shelf. Later, shopping online, I still can’t find it. What, is there a global shortage of the Ranitidine plant or something? No paper pads, either, plenty of spiral books and legal pads but no plain small ones.

Palo Alto once had not one but two complete stationery stores, one on University and one on California Ave. Both closed earlier this century. I stopped at a paper store in Town and Country, but they were all about wrapping and place cards and note cards, nothing so plebian as a pad of white paper. So guess what? Amazon Prime. Stack of 10, 4×6 note pads, on its way to me, $11, free shipping. Wonder why all those stationery stores closed?

After lunch I remembered that I am running A/V for a big Canopy do on our 11th floor tomorrow, and I have never touched the 11th floor mic equipment, only the stuff in the auditorium. So I went up there and fumbled around and couldn’t work it out. But eventually I unearthed the instruction sheet under a bunch of other stuff, and got squared away, so am prepared. The contact person for the event is Maika Horjus, who is a person at Canopy that Marian loved to work with when she did volunteer stuff in the Canopy office. She will no doubt be surprised to see me.

Jean had invited me to supper. We talked about various things for an hour. I had wanted to assure her of financial support if she couldn’t live independently. Turns out, she’s already worked out where to move if needed, and figures she will have enough money, but was glad I would be able to help with any shortfall.


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