Day 352, much FOPAL, booking

Tuesday, 11/19/2019

Since I couldn’t do anything at FOPAL yesterday, I determined to put in several hours today. After breakfast in the dining room I got to FOPAL around 8:30, first person in. There was a huge pile of books waiting for me on the floor at the Computer section.

six boxes off to the right, one more on the cart, and five piles

About twice the norm. There’s been a push on to get more sorting done (yay!) and this may be a result. Anyway, spent two hours culling these and pricing and shelving the worthwhile 50 or so.

(Time is really cruel to computer books. So many big fat tomes, The Complete JavaPerlC++ Bible, a 1000-page doorstop that sold for $35 when new in 2005, now irrelevant. Even when it’s the Third Edition Updated for Version 7.5!!, because I do a quick check and that product or language is now at version 14.3. So it’s off to the Bargain Room where maybe somebody will pay $1 for it, or more likely it will be recycled.)

That done, I started sorting. There was a small wall of boxes, mostly one donation, blocking an aisle. With a few other sorters that came and went over the next hours, we reduced and finally eliminated that wall. Yay us.

I headed on home, forgetting that I meant to stop at the hardware store. In the evening I booked one more theatrical thing in London. The first 7 days of the trip are pretty well filled now, and I think I’ll leave the last three evening open. When I’m there, I’ll see posters, or check the What’s On site, and find things to attend. Daytimes I figure to shuttle back and forth to different museums and galleries, maybe hitting the bigger ones multiple times. (Wally writes that, according to an art lecture he heard recently, you should go to a museum and just study one work, and leave. Well…)


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